Predafix plus: the hard-hitting alternative for feeding predatory mites

n just a few months, PREDAFIX PLUS has become an indispensable ally in feeding strategies for predatory mites. Here's a look at the product's features, which have delighted growers.

Predafix plus: the hard-hitting alternative for feeding predatory mites

PREDAFIX PLUS is the first sprayable mite feed on the market. As a third-generation feed, it offers an effective alternative to existing food sources. Sprayed onto the crop, PREDAFIX PLUS feeds predatory mites and improves their establishment, and therefore the effectiveness of pest protection. Application time and cost are reduced, as PREDAFIX PLUS can be mixed with other products during spraying. From the very first months of its launch, PREDAFIX PLUS stood out for its unique features:

  • The first sprayable mite food on the market
  • Fast, mechanized application saves time
  • Rapidly and significantly increases the number of predatory mites from the very first week (up to x5), with a lasting effect
  • Spraying can be targeted to a specific part of the plant where you want to concentrate predatory mites
  • Stays on leaves, does not fall to the ground
  • Pure product, leaves no residue on the crop
  • Can be mixed with crop protection products*.
  • Can be used with standard spray equipment
  • # Hypoallergenic

PREDAFIX PLUS is still making waves!

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