PREDAFIX PLUS Thyreophagus entomophagus


Precision sprayable food for optimized predatory mite establishment

PREDAFIX PLUS is the leading sprayable food for predatory mites on the market. As a third generation feed, it provides an effective alternative to existing food sources. PREDAFIX PLUS is sprayed onto the crop to feed the predatory mites and improve their establishment, and thus the efficacy of the pest protection. PREDAFIX PLUS reduces both application time and costs since it can be mixed with other products to be sprayed.

PREDAFIX PLUS contains only pure and sterilised eggs of an astigmatic mite that is naturally present in many countries. These eggs are hypoallergenic to humans. Feeding with PREDAFIX PLUS optimizes the installation of predatory mites by raising their fertility (more than twice as many eggs laid), resulting in an increase in the populations of predatory mites on the plant. It can be used to feed the majority of predatory mites on many types of crop. PREDAFIX PLUS increases their population from the first

week, and by up to 5 times more compared to the non-fed populations. PREDAFIX PLUS is applied by spraying on the crop using a standard sprayer and can be mixed with phytosanitary products.*


Key Features

  • The leading sprayable food for predatory mites on the market
  • Quick mechanisable application to save on application time
  • Rapid and substantial increase in the number of predatory mites from the first week (up to x 5), with long-lasting effect.
  • The spray can be targeted to a specific part of theplant where the predatory mites should ideally be concentrated.
  • Sticks to the leaves, does not fall onto the ground.
  • Pure product, leaves no residues on the crops.
  • Can be mixed with phytosanitary products*.
  • Can be used with standard spray equipment.
  • Hypoallergenic.

Main uses

PREDAFIX PLUS To be used with :

  • Amblyline
  • Anderline
  • Californiline
  • Montyline
  • Starskii

How It Works

Uses: To be used with Amblyline, Anderline, Californiline, Montyline, Starskii

Crops: For use on crops such as cucumbers, strawberries, cut flowers, ornamental plants, aubergines, melons, water melons, zucchinis.


Dose: 450 g/ha.

  • Application by spray, can be used with standard equipment except ULV/misting.
  • Spraying volume as needed, with no minimum.
  • Remove all filters and maintain the pressure between 5 and 20 bars.


  • Mix with water and spray on the crop.
  • To be applied to the crop 1 week after the sachets are installed or immediately after a bulk mite release.

Available delivery systems

PREDAFIX PLUS is available in cardboard tubes of 450g for 1 hectare and 225 g for 1/2 ha.


Handling & Storage

  • Store in a cool (4-8°C), dry and well ventilated environment, away from sunlight.
  • Keeps for 2 weeks from the manufacture date.