Staphyline Atheta coriaria (Dalotia coriaria)

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Staphyline biological control agent contains the predatory beetle, Atheta coriaria. It can be used in crops such as herbs and ornamentals to protect against soil and compost pests. It is a generalist feeder, but adults and young stages are particularly good at feeding on the larvae of fungus gnats (Bradysia spp, Lycoriella spp, and Sciara spp) and shoreflies (Scatella spp).

Key Features

  • Formulation contains mixed life stages – adults, larvae, pupae and eggs – for a balanced population.
  • Visible predator. Adults are mobile resulting in good dispersal and establishment.
  • Tolerant of a wide range of temperatures, humidity, light, irrigation and soil conditions, making them more suitable for year-round use in the greenhouse than other predators.

Main uses

  • Fungus gnats
  • Shoreflies
  • Thrips pupae

How It Works

  • Introduced early in the growing season with careful management, good populations will build up in the greenhouse to give high levels of control.
  • Fast-moving predator effective at a wide temperature range of 54-95°F/12-35°C.
  • Belongs to a family of beetles renowned for aggressive feeding behavior, particularly on soil-dwelling larvae of small Diptera species.

Available delivery systems

Staphlyline is supplied in 1L (1qt) cardboard tubes containing 500 predators. It is also available in bulk bags containing 3,000 predators.

Handling & Storage

Instructions for use

  • Rotate tube several times before opening to mix contents.
  • Push the cut-out on lid where marked to open tube.
  • Rotate lid cover to fully open position for application.
  • Shake contents gently onto potting media, capillary matting, and any areas of algal growth where flies are suspected to be breeding.
  • For advice on recommended release rates, consult The Bioline App.
  • Monitor performance using fresh yellow sticky traps at weekly intervals. Trap catches will decline over 2-6 weeks post treatment.
  • Do not use with soil incorporated insecticides without confirming safety.
  • Suitable for all greenhouse plants.

Storage and transport

  • Keep in darkness at 10-15°C / 50-59°F until ready to use.
  • Use within 18 hours of receipt.