Oriline Orius spp. (Orius laevigatus, Orius insidiosus or Oruis majusculus)

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Oriline products contain the predatory bug Orius, which has a long history of providing effective and reliable thrips control in a range of protected crops. Orius serves as a standard preventive treatment for thrips, particularly Western Flower Thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis.

The Oriline product range consists of three products, each tailored to the country and the use required.

Key Features

  • Orius is the only biological control agent that kills adult thrips.
  • Can kill up to 80 adult thrips per day (while only feeding on a few).
  • Establishes well on pollen-rich crops.
  • Feeding Ephestia eggs (Bug Food E) will enhance the establishment of Orius due to increased fecundity.
  • All five Orius nymph stages are also predatory and adults can fly.
  • Considered a generalist predator it will also feed on mites, moth eggs and other pests.
  • Takes 4 to 8 weeks to establish a population.

Main uses

  • Western Flower thrips
  • Onion thrips
  • Other thrips spp
  • Moth eggs
  • TSSM (Two Spotted Spider Mite)

How It Works

  • All mobile stages are voracious predators of Western Flower thrips and will attack any developmental stage including adults.
  • Often used in a program with predatory mites in crops such as peppers, where it will quickly establish when feeding on the target pest as well as pollen.
  • Introducing Amblyseius cucumeris or swirskii will control young thrips, and the Orius will complement this by preying on both juvenile and adult thrips.

Available delivery systems

Oriline i

Oriline i contains the species Orius insidiosus and is specifically used in North America because it is native to this part of the world.
  • Supplied in a 250ml bottles containing either 500 or 1,000 adults and late instar nymphs.

Oriline L

Oriline L contains the species Orius laevigatus and is used throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • Supplied in a 250ml bottles containing 500 adults/nymphs, a 270ml bottle containing 1,000 adults/nymphs or a 500 ml bottle containing 2000 1st and 2nd instar nymphs.

Oriline M

Oriline M contains the species Orius majusculus. This species is used in Northern Europe because it is larger and more resilient to colder temperatures.
  • Supplied in a 250ml bottles containing 500 adults/nymphs, or a 500 ml bottle containing 2000 adults/nymphs.

Handling & Storage

Instructions for use

  • Apply in cool morning or evening.
  • Avoid application in bright sunlight.
  • Open bottle keeping it horizontal to ensure bugs stay well mixed in carrier.
  • Distribute contents evenly onto leaves throughout crop, by gently shaking and rotating the bottle.
  • Best to make four smaller introductions each week to create overlapping Orius

Storage and transport

  • Transport and store at 6-10°C / 43-50°F.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Use within 18 hours of receipt.