Mitefood Thyreophagus entomophagus

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Mitefood is a supplementary feed designed to maximise the strength of your preventative control programs. Feeding predatory mites on your crop ensures the predators are ready and waiting for the arrival of the target pest.

Key Features

  • Proven to increase numbers of predatory mites on the crop
  • Superior performance than other mite feeding products
  • Can be applied manually or by mechanised distribution
  • Long lasting: live prey has been found on the leaves up to 1 month after application
  • Product contains live prey mites Thyreophagus entomophagus (“TE”). The same species that is used in commercial production of many predatory mites
  • TE is not consumed by thrips, so there is no risk of increasing thrips numbers
  • Mitefood can be combined with a wide range of predatory mites released as sachets or as loose materials:
    • Ambyline
    • Swirskiline
    • Montyline
    • Anderline
    • Californiline


Main uses

Should be used in combination with predatory mites to strengthen preventative control programs against a range of target pests, including:

  • Whitefly
  • Thrips
  • Spider Mites
  • Aculops and other Eriophyid Mites
  • Broad Mites
  • Tarsonemid Mites>


How It Works

Predatory mites are widely used in preventative programs for controlling a range of insect pests. Once released onto the crop these tiny predators will 'establish' themselves by consuming the pests and laying eggs to give rise to the next generation of predators. Good 'establishment' of predators is critical to successful preventative control strategies - the predators should be ready and waiting for the arrival of any pests! Mitefood ensures the predatory mites always have enough food to build strong populations.

Available delivery systems

Mitefood is available in 2 unit sizes, both containing the same number of prey mites but the formulations have been optimised for the required purpose.
    • 1 Litre tube - for use in manual application approx 10L/ha
    • 5 Litre bag - for use in mechanised application approx 5L/1000m²
    • Application rates should be managed depending on the crop situation and pest levels.
Contact your Bioline advisor for further advise on recommended programs.

Handling & Storage

Instructions for use
  • Immediately before opening, gently rotate the container to distribute mites evenly throughout the carrier material.
  • Open each container in the crop when ready to use.
  • Apply directly to leaf surface.
  • If using sachets, the application should be done 1 week after the release of the mites.
  • Feeding the mites once you have a small colony provides better results
Storage & Transport
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep containers horizontal and cool until use.
  • Keep at around 12 °C.