Hesperusline Dicyphus hesperus

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  • Hesperusline image

Hesperusline biological control agent contains the predatory bug, Dicyphus hesperus. Dicyphus hesperus is a generalist predatory bug that is primarily released for whitefly control, but will feed on other pests such as Thrips, moth eggs and mites. It is best to establish the Dicyphus population with the help of mullein plants.

Key Features

  • Dicyphus hesperus establishes best by using mullein plants as a banker system.
  • Feeding Ephestia eggs (Bug Food E) will enhance the establishment of Dicyphus due to increased fecundity.
  • All five Dicyphus nymph stages also predatory.
  • Considered a generalist predator also feeding on mites, moth eggs and other pests.
  • Takes 8 to 12 weeks to establish population.

Main uses

  • Whitefly
  • Thrips spp
  • Moth eggs
  • TSSM (Two Spotted Spider Mite)

How It Works

  • All mobile stages are voracious predators of whitefly larva and pupa.
  • Used in combination with the wasps Encarsia formosa and Eretmocerus eremicus.
  • Once established, will feed on other pests such as thrips, moth eggs and mites.

Available delivery systems

Supplied in 8oz (250ml) bottles that contain 250 adults and late instar nymphs.
  • Packed in containers with paper towel strips and a sugar food source plug.
  • Protein food source (some Ephestia eggs) in ventilated bottles ensures optimal condition of the bugs on delivery.

Handling & Storage

Instructions for use

  • Apply in cool morning or evening.
  • Avoid application in bright sunlight.
  • Open bottle keeping it horizontal.
  • Distribute contents evenly onto the mullein banker plants by gently shaking and rotating the bottle.
  • Best practice is to make eight smaller introductions each week to create overlapping Dicyphus generations (8 applications of 3-4 Dicyphus per mullein plant per week).
  • Use 40 mullein plants per acre (100 per Ha).
  • Seed Mullein plants 10 weeks prior to first release date of Hesperusline.
  • Use Ephestia eggs (Bugfood E) at 4 grams per acre per week on Mullein plants for 10 weeks.

Storage and transport

  • Transport and store at 6-10°C / 43-50°F.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Use within 18 hours of receipt.