Digline Diglyphus isaea

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Digline biological control agent contains the ectoparasitic wasp, Diglyphus isaea. It specializes in attacking the larval stages of leafminer pests, such as Liriomyza species L. trifolii and L huidobrensis, as well as the chrysanthemum leafminer, Phytomyza syngenesiae.

Key Features

  • Stops leaf damage quickly.
  • Adult Diglyphus paralyzes leafminer larvae with its sting and will host feed on them.
  • Life cycle is faster than leafminer.

Main uses

  • Leafminer

How It Works

  • Diglyphus adults paralyze pests and lay eggs next to paralyzed leafminer larvae, which quickly hatch and begin to feed.
  • Parasitized leafminer larvae move away from the mine and stop feeding, therefore the mine stops growing immediately.
  • The parasitoid pupates inside the leaf mine before hatching and continuing the cycle.
  • Development from egg to adult is 26-27 days at 15°C / 59°F and 10-11 days at 25°C / 77°F.
  • Activity decreases at low light levels.

Available delivery systems

Vials of 30ml (1oz)
  • Each vial contains 250 adult wasps.
  • Food and water source provided in packaging to ensure survival in transit.

Handling & Storage

Instructions for use

  • Release early in the morning or in late afternoon.
  • With the vial held horizontally, carefully remove the lid. This should be done among the plants.
  • Regulate release of wasps by gently tapping and inclining the vial while walking through the crop.
  • Distribute as widely as possible.
  • Stand the bottle in the crop for a few hours to allow any remaining parasites to escape.
  • Use yellow sticky traps to monitor adult leafminer emergence.
  • For advice on recommended release rates, consult The Bioline App.

Storage and transport

  • Keep in darkness at 50-59°F/10-15ºC until use.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Use within 18 hours of receipt.