Aphiline Veg Aphidius colemani + Aphidius ervi + Aphelinus abdominalis

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  • Aphiline Veg image

Aphiline Veg biological control agent contains the mummies of three different parasites: Aphelinus abdominalis, Aphidius colemani and Aphidius ervi, which help control 25 species of aphids, including the most common pest species, Aphis gossypii, Macrosiphum euphorbiae and Myzus persicae.

Key Features

  • Ideal for use with mixed ornamental crops.
  • High percentage of mummies allow for safe transit.
  • Adults begin to emerge in transit ready for action.

Main uses

  • Aphids

How It Works

  • By releasing a three-way mixture of aphid parasites, Aphiline Veg targets a broad spectrum of aphid pests on different plants, thus reducing the worry of making an incorrect species identification.
  • Can be used preventively at low rates or curatively at high rates.
  • Adults actively seek out and parasitize aphid pests.
  • Suitable for all greenhouse crops.

Available delivery systems

  • 125mL (4oz) bottle - product contains sufficient mummies to produce 500 adult parasites for aphids.

Handling & Storage

Instructions for use

  • Open container in the greenhouse.
  • Releases at dawn or dusk are optimal so that adults will move into the crop.
  • Walk around the area to be treated, holding the open container at a 45º angle, releasing the emerged adults into the air.
  • Distribute the adults evenly over the area.
  • Recap the bottle and store at greenhouse temperature until more mummies have hatched.
  • Repeat the distribution of adults throughout the area until most adults have emerged from the mixture.
  • Finish by placing the open container in the greenhouse next to a plant in case more hatch.
  • For advice on recommended release rates, consult The Bioline App.

Storage and transport

  • Transport and store at 6-10ºC / 43-50°F.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Use within 18 hours of receipt.