Leaf Hopper (Empoasca deciphens/Hauptidia marrocana)

Leaf Hopper

Leafhoppers are widespread, serious pests of many crops, whether grown under protection or outdoors. Leafhopper damage can lead to substantial crop losses and cosmetic damage to fruiting crops leading to unsalable product.

The glasshouse leafhopper, Hauptidia maroccana will cause damage to a range of protected crops e.g. cucumber, tomato, herbs and ornamentals. Common weed hosts include chickweed therefore hygiene measures to remove host plants are an important control measure. Adult leafhopper  are whitish-yellow, with two dark grey chevron-shaped marks on the wings.  The nymphs are whitish without any distinctive markings.

The parasitoid Anagras atomus can give some protection against leafhopper infestation but where significant pest levels exist control with compatible chemical controls is recommended.

Biological controls

  • Anagras atomus