[ INTERVIEW ] How important is Anderline for spider mite control?

Anderline can be used against a broad range of pests including spider mite and russet mite in a variety of crops. Two growers are sharing their personal Anderline experiences focusing on spider mite control.

[ INTERVIEW ] How important is Anderline for spider mite control?

Working with a variety of predatory mite species will ensure spider mite control under a number of conditions. Each predatory mite works best in different conditions of climate and habitat, also having a varied mode of action. Bioline Agroscienes would like to assist you in finding the optimal solution for your specific crop and situation.

One of the key features of Anderline is it’s ability to establish in a crop with little or no spider mite present. Research has shown this will allow Anderline to keep pest levels very low over a period of months. Amblyseius andersoni is naturally occurring in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. This allows the predatory mite to survive the winters and rapidly repopulate the crops in springtime. Starting the season with an additional introduction of Anderline will ensure a standing army, ready to tackle any spider mite infestation.

Growers experiences

James Coles Nurseries LTD in Thurnby, Leicester.

A grower of amenity trees and shrubs in the UK with 7 production locations on 500 acres.

James Moffatt, main grower on the Syston production site uses Anderline (Amblyseius andersoni) Gemini sachets, Anderline Bugline and loose product from week 14 to week 40. The product is applied in propagation, during the final potting cycle and on the stock plants outdoors. “Anderline Bugline saves at least 40% of labour compared to introducing sachets” according to James Moffatt. The different predators Californiline (Amblyseius californicus), Phytoline (Phytoseiulus persimilis) and Anderline each have their own angle of attack on spider mite. To get the best possible control all three species are used. As mentioned before Amblyseius andersoni has many advantages in the UK climate. Anderline can overwinter on the crop, which is a big help early in the season. The first spider mite is dealt with adequately, reducing overall pest pressure for the rest of the year. Because of the excellent performance on the stock plants the cutting production can start with low spider mite pressure. The aim is always to protect the crop from potting to sales and Anderline is a great tool in achieving this goal.

Kwekerij JW Bakhuijzen, Boskoop.

A grower of Skimmia and several other shrubs on a 3 hectare production site.

Jan Willem Bakhuijzen, company owner, uses Anderline Bugline and Anderline gemini sachets. During the late nineties he made his first introductions of IPM (Integrated Pest Management). The first introductions of beneficials are made in mid-May at which point the crop starts to close the canopy. The crop cycle starts in July as cuttings on tabletops. The cuttings are placed in 10.5 centimetre pots in March/April. During September/October some of these plants are sold. The other plants remain on the nursery and are planted in 10 litre pots, which will remain on site for 1.5-4 years. This allows Jan Willem Bakhuijzen to produce premium quality plants. It is of the upmost importance to achieve the highest possible plant quality. Jan Willem receives support in this pursuit of plant quality from Tom Vos, account manager at Gebr. Eveleens horticultural supply.

Anderline Bugline is of great value to us, especially on reducing labour requirements” according to Jan Willem Bakhuijzen. The product is very convenient to use. Additionally, an introduction of A. andersoni is guaranteed to last for most of the cropping season. “By examining our plants closely, we can even find Anderline overwintering on older plants”. The preventive introduction of Anderline has the benefit of lower numbers of Phytoline needed to correct spider mite outbreaks. Phytoseiulus is only used as a hot spot treatment and on slow growing cultivars. “When customers visit the nursery, the Bugline-system is often a topic which is raised. If I explain its use and place in the IPM system, it becomes a selling point” according to Jan Willem Bakhuijzen. “In short Anderline gives me peace of mind because spider mite levels are reduced considerably. Therefore, the use of pesticide application is also reduced. Working with beneficials is highly preferable over applying chemical products since it does not require the use of additional safety equipment”.

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