How do France control the Corn Borer?

Discover Trichotop Max: the French growers solution to a detrimental pest

How do France control the Corn Borer?

In France, the laying period of corn borer is imminent, if not already launched in the most advanced areas… do you know what it means ?

It means that it is the right moment to use Bioline’s biosolution « Trichotop Max » to protect your corn against this pest!

Trichotop Max : your biosolution against corn borer

Totally natural, this solution uses trichogramma (parasitoid bugs) that destroy only corn borer’s eggs. Easy-to-use and without any constraint, Trichotop Max is suitable for all plots, even the most difficult ones. It is also the ideal solution if your crop is located in a sensitive area (houses or rivers proximity, etc.).

More than just a biocontrol product, Trichotop Max is a complete solution with four essential components :  early warnings, a professional support, a practical and reliable packaging and of course, trichogrammas chosen for their ability to control the pest!

The corn borer, a source of major damages !

The corn borer damages are too often underestimated, but Bioline reminds you this pest can cause serious loss on your production :

It represents the second source of loss in corn silage production and the third in grain corn production!