Sachet on a stick: the biocontrol method key to pest prevention in propagation and potted plants

Discover the benefits of implementing IPM in the early stages of crop production to ensure efficient pest control from day one.

Sachet on a stick: the biocontrol method key to pest prevention in propagation and potted plants

How soon can beneficial insects be implemented in vegetable and ornamental production? ASAP. Propagation is the best time to ensure you lay the foundations of an effective IPM strategy in crops. Our sachet on a stick range ensures an established population of your chosen predatory mite for more efficient pest prevention from start to finish.

Available in our Amblyline, Swirskiline and Anderline — the sachet on a stick format has specifically been developed by Bioline so that the delivery system can anchored in the growing medium to ensure that it remains securely in place, even when plants are very small or not suited to hanging a conventional sachet.

So, aside from the obvious benefits like minimum threat posed to the quality of your crop or stunting growth – why should you utilise the opportunity to introduce pest prevention in propagation and pot plants with our sachet on a stick?  All is revealed below.


  • Consistent release of predatory mites over several weeks.
  • Labour-saving versus weekly broadcast applications.
  • Quick distribution of mites over all plants minimizes the risks of thrips, whitefly, spider mite and broad mite development. Additional, secondary effects on spider mites.
  • Release opening of the sachet is carefully positioned under a fold in the paper to minimize impacts of watering or rain.
  • Stick is round and small so it does not take plug space away from plug tray and can be used in any plug tray size.
  • Water resistant sticks are designed to prevent mold and remain strong.
  • Can be used in propagation at sticking or seeding line.
  • Small sachet makes mowing of crop possible.

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