Bioline AgroSciences advance their innovations in biosolutions in vine and corn

Everything you need to know about our French Press Conference 2018.

Bioline AgroSciences advance their  innovations in biosolutions in vine and corn

Last Thursday, we put the spotlight on our award-wining vine and corn biocontrol innovations as part of a mission to inspire French press.

The conference was held with a winemaker in the Bourgueil area, and focused on Bioline’s research, development and expertise in Trichogramma. Tricholine Vitis and Trichotop Max — Bioline’s two biosolutions that use Trichogramma to control the grape berry moth and the corn borer — were the key messages conveyed at the press conference.

To kick things off, Jean Baptiste Regnard, Bioline’s Field Crop Marketing Manager introduced the market leader for biocontrol of the corn borer in France aka Trichotop Max. After highlighting the importance of opting for natural corn borer control in corn crops, Jean Baptiste revealed marketing figures “23% of corn crops protected against pests are using trichogramma.”

“This biosolution has been marketed by Bioline Agrosciences for more than 20 years,  and has continued to improve so  it now has the capacity to reach an average efficiency of 80%,” Jean Baptise added.

Yet Bioline brought more than figures to the press. We also shared our packaging innovation the “T-Protect”. This new system allows delivering trichogramma using mechanical means even in small corn.

Next up was Sebastien Rousselle, our specialised crops Marketing Manager,  who discussed  the benefits of Tricholine Vitis in vine. Since it’s launch in 2017, Tricholine Vitis has been the latest major Bioline Agrosciences’ innovation, which was awarded a silver trophy at SIVAL innovation (the leading plant production trade show in France). The biosolution uses the BCA, Trichogramma, and is implemented in vine to fight against the grape berry moth.

Having undergone 6 years of research and development (including thirty trials across the biggest French wine-growing areas) —  Tricholine Vitis has reached 70% efficiency making it as good as conventional chemicals — if not better due to it’s regular and natural protection.

How you wonder? Well, Tricholine Vitis is delivered as patented ready-to-use cards, transforming the solution into pest control that is easy and quick to apply. Plus, it protects the trichogrammas  from any threatening factors too.

As the press conference neared the end, it was revealed that innovation hasn’t only been present in our R&D, but also within our digital communications too. Sebastien Rousselle shared Bioline’s latest collaborative app for the detection and report of pests « Geoinsecta ». The app will soon integrate new pests such as: the corn borer, the grape berry moth or the red palm weevil.