The art of beneficial insect delivery systems

Do I broadcast, blow, stick or hang predatory mites? Discover our delivery systems below.

The art of beneficial insect delivery systems

Are your crops urgently in need of a beneficial insect for protection, but you have no idea what each distribution/format offers your crop?


To save you the hassle of ransacking Google or our website for advice, we’ve put together a Bioline delivery system guide to help you understand the ways that you can distribute predatory mites most efficiently and effectively.


Below, discover the key features of sachets, loose material, tubes, blister packs & cards to ensure you make the best decision for distribution of biocontrol in your crops.


Sachets work by releasing a breeding colony of mites onto the plant, even before the target pest is present. How? The breeding colony is contained within a small paper sachet that is carefully designed to maintain the colony to a good quality. Mites continue to emerge from sachets over several weeks, and at a much higher rate than what can be achieved with a single broadcast release.

We have a versatile portfolio of sachets available to protect a variety of crops from
propagation to harvest.


Controlled release system (CRS) sachets

CRS is our original sachet product. The large sachet provides the biological control agents with the perfect breeding environment.

Mini sachets

This smaller type of sachet is ideal when the crop requires multiple introductory points of the predatory insect — especially where the leaves of plants are not expected to touch or grow together.

Gemini sachets

Gemini is suitable for crops with overhead irrigation or where horizontal wire string is in place as the water-resistant design allows for maximum emergence of predatory mites. Water runs off the outer surface which keeps the exit hole protected.


Sachet on a stick

Propagation is one of the most critical times for pest management. Mini sachets on a stick are ideal for effective pest prevention and control at this time.


Bioline’s Bugline saves up to eight labor hours per acre as it is 6 x 100 meter strips of sachets that can be mechanically layered onto the crop. It’s unique design ensures maximum emergence of BCAs even under stressful conditions or where there is overhead irrigation.




Supplied as parasitized scales attached to cards, which are hung in the crop where they hatch out and attack whitefly. Cards available in quantities of 100 or 250 per case and each card will produce a minimum of 60 female wasps. Parasite pupae are protected in card recess.

Blister packs

Blister packs contain 5,000 or 10,000 pupae in total, as 20 blisters each blister producing a minimum of 250 or 500 adult. Blister packs make product clearly visible and allow the grower to judge quality and emergence more easily.


Bulk bags & tubes

Bulk bags and tubes provide an immediate high dose of predatory mites. This system is good for quickly establishing a population of mites and providing an immediate defense for your crop.


Still not confident on choosing the right delivery system? Get in touch with a member of the Bioline AgroSciences Team for tailored technical advice.