How to successfully use biocontrol in Greek peach and apple orchards

Spiros Kavouras reveals what beneficial insect will protect your apples and peaches from spider mite damage this growing season

How to successfully use biocontrol in Greek peach and apple orchards

After the first successful commercial application of Anderline (Amblyseius andersoni) last year, Greek peach and apple growers are preparing to implement the spider mite predator ready for a second good growing season.

What is Anderline?

2017 saw Anderline secure itself as an effective tool for the biological control of the common and detrimental pests in Greek orchards – Tetranychus urticae and Panonychus ulmi.  Amblyseius Andersoni can be used for prevention and control of spider mites as eggs and all mobile stages.

What does Anderline do?

Known for its effectiveness at lower temperatures, Anderline provides Greek growers with a valuable tool to use much earlier in the growing season allowing them to have extra control in their crop from day one.

When should I use it?

Anderline should be introduced by the end of May/beginning of June, when the average minimum temperature is above 8 oC.

How should I apply?

A dose of 500 Mini sachets/ha equally distributed in the orchard. As light intensity is pretty high during Greek summer, sachets should be placed in shady places in the inner part of tree foliage.

Why should I use Anderline?

  • Effective control of spider mites with zero residues
  • Compatible with other IPM strategies
  • Reduction of acaricide applications up to 50% after 2-3 year of continuous use
  • Increase of incidence of local fauna
  • Better resistance management of a.i.

Bioline wishes you another successful season!


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