Bioline announces new addition to the Anderline range

Introducing the optimum product for early spider mite, russet mite & spider mite control

Bioline announces new addition to the Anderline range

Bioline AgroSciences have announced the launch of a new sachet on a stick featuring the predatory mite Amblyseius andersoni. Named “Anderline Stick”, the new addition to Bioline’s Anderline range is a labour-saving controlled release system that provides the crop with a natural and effective first line of defence against pests in early propagation.


Created by placing a water-resistant Anderline sachet on a stick, Bioline’s latest product follows the success of Amblyline Stick and Swirskiline Stick that Bioline AgroSciences introduced to the market back in 2015.


However, unlike Swirskiline and Amblyline which are formulated to fight thrips and whitefly, Anderline Stick is implemented during the most critical time of vegetable and ornamental development to prevent the build up of spider mite populations before they become hard to control.


Curious how? These slightly smaller sachets are designed to continuously release mites for several weeks and ensure that large numbers of predators are released directly onto the crop. The incorporation of the stick anchors the sachet to the growing medium and ensures that it remains securely in place, even when plants are very small or not suited to hanging a conventional sachet.


“With the addition of Anderline stick to the ‘stick’ sachet offerings, we now have an introductory method that allows growers to implement Amblyseius andersoni very early in the production cycle of young plants,” explains Ronald Valentin, Bioline’s North America Commercial Manager.


“The Anderline SOS delivery system works particularly well in foliage ornamental plants, selected flowering ornamental plants and medicinal plant propagation as it is important to protect these young plants from Two Spotted Spider Mite as well as Tomato and Hemp russet mite,” Ronald adds.


“Anderline Stick is simply used by sticking one sachet per propagation plug tray. The sachets are water resistant and can be used under mist during the early propagation phase. Implement this and you will be providing protection from day one.”