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Tricholine Vitis wins at SIVAL INNOVATION!

Searching for natural grape berry moth (GBM) control? Look no further.

Tricholine Vitis wins at SIVAL INNOVATION!

January 17th 2018 marks the day Bioline’s Tricholine Vitis was awarded a silver trophy for its innovation in the fight against the grape berry moth (GBM).

Sival Innovation, the leading plant production trade show in France, bestowed the prize to Bioline AgroSciences at their 2018 annual show.

Tricholine Vitis is a natural enemy with an excellent ability to prevent and control the vine bug worm by actively seeking the adults of the vine moths to destroy the eggs. This strain of Trichogramma has come out on top in trials, and in in all the vineyards of France. Tricholien Vitis is effective both Egvm Cochylis or Eulia.

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