4 reasons to use biocontrol in 2018 crop production

The key positives when opting for biosolutions in pest prevention

4 reasons to use biocontrol in 2018 crop production

Are you a grower considering to opt for a biocontrol strategy this year? Well, to resolve any of your concerns we’ve rounded up our 4 key reasons as to why transitioning to natural enemies opposed to chemicals will benefit your crop production business.


Learn the basic benefits of a natural and sustainable pest prevention strategy below.


When choosing to implement biocontrol for pest prevention in your crops, the majority of BCA’s (Biological Control Agents) will only target the species of pest it is supposed to. Some BCA’s will control more than one pest population, however this is determined by location and crop.

The benefit to a focused strategy, you wonder? Ditching the chemicals and opting for a more focused approach improves the quality of your crops as the BCAs target the pests without harming the fruit, vegetables and flowers.


Unlike chemicals, Natural Enemies have the ability to reproduce without your interference. This means that the strategy will continue to protect the crops fluidly after the initial introduction of BCA’s into your crop. Plus, it also means that biological control can be kept in place for a a greater period of time opposed to other methods of pest control.


Whilst the initial cost of biocontrol on paper will seem like the most expensive choice, biological control can be cost effective in the long scheme of things.  Think, once the new species is released into the pest environment, the procedure doesn’t usually need to be duplicated due to its self-perpetuating nature.


Most important of all, it’s successful. Whatever pest population you want controlled, your BCA will ensure effectivity as it will be naturally inclined to target the pests at risk of ruining your crop production.