Bioline’s Tricholine Buxus wins 1st place at Paysalia

Lyon's Exhibition, Paysalia, places Bioline's Tricholine Buxus at number 1 beating 36 other products to the top spot

Bioline’s Tricholine Buxus wins 1st place at Paysalia

Exhibition Paysalia, the specialist of supplies for green spaces, took place in Lyon for three days and brought Bioline AgroSciences some fantastic news. 

During the exhibition, a jury made up of specialists awarded Bioline the first prize for innovation in Tricholine Buxus, a new natural biological solution that fights against the the box tree moth. How?  Tricholine Buxus destroys eggs laid by the butterfly of the box tree moth — even before the first damages are visible. The biological control agent is usable everywhere, and doesn’t pose any danger to the public or individual who is responsible for it’s application.

Plus, not only is Tricholine Buxus effective, it is invisible! Consider it your box tree ally.

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