Celebrating the inauguration of our Biomass boiler

This sustainable energy investment is set to reduce CO2 emissions by 1281 tonnes per year

Celebrating the inauguration of our Biomass boiler

Have you ever wondered how Bioline AgroSciences UK heats their production departments whilst based in a country that is notoriously known for its grey skies and damp weather? The answer is Bioline AgroSciences’ newest installment which we inaugurated this week— a brand new Biomass boiler complex.

As a biological control production/commercial site, full of an increasing number of heated greenhouses and humid growth rooms, Bioline AgroSciences decided to transition from oil boilers (creating approx. 1281 tonnes of CO2 annually) to a newly installed biomass boiler running on waste wood which will reduce our CO2 emissions by 1281 tonnes per year, as it is fuelled from a sustainable source.

The ash produced by this biomass boiler is considered to be a compostable component. So we can use this on our land on site.

Plus, there is a UK government incentive called the renewable heat incentive (RHI) which pays a sum for every KWH produced by the boiler that goes to a production system. This, once gained, is in place for 20 years and will give significant savings to the business through cheaper fuel and the receiving of the RHI.

Bioline AgroSciences’ Operations Director, Keith Oakley, voiced “Bioline Agrosciences has been producing beneficial insects at the Clacton site for nearly 20 years. Our new energy center is a significant investment for us, and shows the confidence Invivo (our owners) have in us.”

“We are also focused on improving our environmental performance. We have new waste segregation on site and this boiler burns waste wood which would ordinarily go to landfill. This has been a great project well executed by the staff on site and all the contractors involved. We are really happy with the outcome!” added Keith.