Slug killer Exhibitline PH is available!

Exhibitline PH is Bioline Agrosciences’ own production nematodes. Our specialised production method allows us to have it available at all times!

EXHIBITLINE PH is an alternative biological solution used for the management of slugs and snails in crops. It contains an enthomopathogenic nematode that naturally occurs in the soils. As living organisms, the nematodes actively search for, infect and kills nematodes in a few days. As an alternative to existing molluscicides, in addition to being very effective, the product is respectful of the beneficial fauna, crops and vertebrates. It can be used easily with standard equipments without any constraints as it has no re-entry interval.

Why choosing Exhibitline PH to fight against slugs?

# 1: Because this is THE natural solution against slugs:

Its formulation is 100% natural and doesn’t contains any micro-plastics

# 2: Because it’s effective against most slug species:

Being invaded by the Spanish slug, the garden slug the common grey field slug? Exhibitline PH nematodes is the right solution. It’s effective against the smaller stages of development of thoses species and many other ones

# 3: Because it has a high infectivity potential:

Thanks to the specialised production method

# 4: Because a breathable sachet has been specially designed for optimum conservation

Looking for slug killer nematodes?

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