Establishment of mites on the crop can be improved by feeding on introduction and for subsequent weeks, particularly for loose product in crops where no pollen or other food/ prey is available.


 Mitefood contains live prey mites of the species we use in production Thyreophagus entomophagus (TE).  Used as a supplementary feed improve establishment of mites in preventative control programs by ensuring the predatory mites always have enough food to build strong populations.

Apply at introduction and then every 2 weeks for 6 – 8 weeks or until establishment is seen – DO NOT continue to apply once pests are seen in the crop.

Use with the mite species: Amblyline, Swirskiline, Montyline, Anderline, Californiline

TE is not consumed by thrips so will have no impact on pest population, also it is not a plant pest so will not harm the crop.

Store at 12°C and use as soon as possible as the product contains live mites, conditions for application mirror those of the predatory mites it is used with.

1 litre tube – for use in manual application approx 10L/ha

5 litres bag – for use in mechanised application approx 5L/1000m2


Predafix Plus

The first sprayable product for feeding beneficial mites on the market, PREDAFIX PLUS contains pure, sterilised eggs of an astigmatic mite on which predatory mites breed profusely and which is naturally present in many countries.

PREDAFIX PLUS is applied by spraying it onto the crop with a normal crop sprayer and can be tank-mixed with fungicides and biopesticides*, making the application rapid and economic. No special equipment and no safety equipment is required as pure eggs are naturally hypoallergenic to humans.

It can be used on a wide range of crops and and with several predatory mite species (Amblyline, Montyline, Starskii) and produces a 3-5 fold increase in predatory mite numbers within 1 week when used with Montyline.

The real benefits of PREDAFIX PLUS are

  • Quick and sustained increase in mite numbers on the crop
  • Lower application costs as can be tank mixed using standard equipment
  • Long persistence on the crop
  • Excellent distribution by spraying also ensures good distribution of mites on the crop
  • Naturally hypoallergenic unlike other feeding products such as pollen and artemia

*list of compatible products are available and will be updated as more tests are done.

PREDAFIX PLUS is available in bottles of 450 g for 1 hectare and in 225 g bottles for 1/2 ha.



  • Apply to the crop 1 week after sachets or immediately after loose material.
  • Rate: 450 g/ha.